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The history of Oji Gourp goes hand in hand with the history of Japan's modern papermaking industry.

Japan’s modern papermaking began in 1873, in Oji-mura.

Ei-ichi Shibusawa experienced Western culture for the time when he visited Europe as part of the entourage of Tokugawa Akitake. Subsequently, he worked to establish a papermaking company “for the country and community,” and in 1873, he launched his own manufacturing company. Twenty years later, the company was renamed Oji Paper in honor of the place of its founding. In 1933, Oji Paper merged with Fuji Paper and Karafuto Industries, developing into a corporation that produced 80 percent of Japan’s Western-style paper.

With almost 140 years of history since establishment, the Oji Group has constantly been a leader in the pulp and paper industry of Japan. In the rapidly changing social conditions of the present, we will strive to realize unrestrained potential and further contribute to society through a proactive business development that reaches beyond the present boundaries of our business domains.